Juzek Violin Model 170


  • Red/brown oil varnish, bared on the edges in the French style
  • Seasoned German spruce soundboard and highly flamed Bosnian maple back, neck, and ribs
  • Built on the ever popular Stradivarius outline
  • Highest quality ebony fingerboard, choice of boxwood or ebony fitting
  • Evah Pirazzi strings are used for best tone and projection for the concert hall
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With an attractive red/brown oil varnish and highly flamed Bosnian maple back & ribs, the Juzek 170 is beautiful to behold. Made in Germany by master luthiers, this limited production model is built on the Stradivarius pattern and carefully graduated for optimal tone quality. This lightweight violin is an incredible value for a professional instrument. A statement reflected in its continually strong popularity. We outfit these Master Art 170 violins with Evah Pirazzi strings and German-made boxwood or ebony fittings. Its sonic potential is maximized by carving a Despiau A quality bridge and a  premium soundpost.

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